My Work


JETALBERT is the brain child of points reward evangelist¬†Albert Hsieh. In his mission to make the rewards program world easier to navigate he wanted a user-friendly tool that anyone could use to plan one’s dream vacation, exclusively on points.

While the interface looks simple this project was deceptively complex. This project was my first deep dive into the React.js framework and building a scalable and fully functional web application. The backend is built in Firebase and bootstrapped with a custom Google Apps Script solution.


The Stanford Social Neuroscience Laboratory (SSNL) conducts research which focuses on how people connect with, respond to, and care for each other. They dedicate themselves to understanding the nature of empathy and its impact on how we network and form communities.

I was delighted when I was asked to revamp their brand to highlight the awesome research this lab that spans almost two decades.


In addition to refining my Frontend abilities, I also began refining my backend development skills. Timshel is a financial services startup aimed at providing a modernized credit lines for up-and-coming artists. To incubate their credit models they required a data pipeline and warehouse to store various artist metrics. This was achieved via an AWS suite of solutions primarily using AWS Lambda to run Python scripts to call various services.


Perch’s product is one of the coolest cutting-edge products that I have seen from any startup. I was ecstatic for the opportunity to update their homepage to capture the amazing features of their product. In this project I pushed my CSS abilities to begin integrating custom animations and was exposed to the interworking of Hugo a Static Site Generator software stack.

Cathy Lewis

This website displays a custom portfolio website built with Wix. While technically easier than a custom coded solution, this was a great project as I was given a lot of liberty to control the visuals of the site. While relatively feature-light it emphasizes the story and brand of the client. It also includes free audio meditation resources that I encourage you to try!

Work Vineyard

An awesome project where I got the opportunity to completely revamp the website of a Napa Valley winery. The website was built off a custom design provided by the client includes cinematic elements including a splash page video. The custom design is built on top of WordPress with custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript and is a fully functioning eCommerce website.